Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lyme Disease Sucks

Welcome to our Lyme Disease blog. My husband of 3.5 years has been sick on and off since he was very young. For 10 years he suffered numerous neurological symptoms and was misdiagnosed with MS and later treated for Parkinsons. In 1997 he had all the classic symptoms; bite, rash, bell's palsy, severe arthritic pain, dizziness and more. He endured 6 spinal tap attempts, CT scans, blood tests, neuro testing and more only to be told it might be MS. After a severe injury to his arm in the summer of 2005 his health steadily declined until he was bed ridden in December 2005. We got married in August of 2005 and found out he had Lyme disease in March 2006. We had a small business that he could no longer help me with and we began the longest, hardest fight of our lives. We have suffered great material loss because of this illness and are trying to rebuild our lives.

I am a designer by trade and am trying to meet our financial needs on my own. My husband has not been able to work since December 2005. It has been an uphill battle and we still have 9 more months to wait for our disability hearing. We have 4 children and suspect that one of them may also have Lyme disease. We are not quite ready for this as my husband is currently in IV treatments 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. His medical bills are astronomical as he "spends" $1000 a day at the clinic. Thankfully, we DO have insurance but it only pays for a portion of the bills. We are struggling to pay for his prescription meds (until our deductible is met) while affording our rent, groceries and utilities. If you are able to help us with his Lyme Disease treatment fund we would GREATLY appreciate it.

I will be adding a link to our Cafe Press website with our Lyme Disease awareness items that are for sale. We hope you will help bring awareness to this horrible disease by wearing our products.

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