Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lyme Disease: The Battle Continues

Ten Facts About Lyme Disease:
  1. Lyme is the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the U.S. and it's found in more than 65 countries worldwide.
  2. According to the CDC only 10% of Lyme disease cases meeting the CDC criteria are reported each year. That means about 230,000 new cases of Lyme meeting that criteria occur each year in the U.S.
  3. Patients with Lyme disease often have co-infections with Babesia, Anaplasma, Bartonella, or other organisms, clouding the dignostic and treatment picture.
  4. Lyme disease, the great imitator, can be misdiagnosed as MS, ALS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  5. A bite from a tick that's infected with Lyme disease bacteria can lead to neurologic, cardiac, arthritic and psychiatric manifestations in humans.
  6. Children 5-14 are at the highest risk of acquiring Lyme disease; some studies show significant IQ drops in students with Lyme, reversed after treatment.
  7. Lab tests for Lyme disease are not reliable; you can test negative and still have the disease.
  8. Lyme disease can cross the placenta and cause birth defects or even death of the fetus.
  9. A 2006 published CDC animal study shows that trasmission of Borrelia burgdorferi (the bacterium that causes Lyme) through blood transfusion in mice is possible.
  10. A rash does not always occur with Lyme disease, and symptoms may occur days or months after a tick bite. (These 10 facts were taken from www.lymediseaseassociation.org)
We had another apt. with Dr. R. last week and it was 2 hours long! She had another Dr. in the room who was there to learn and observe how to treat LD. Doctors are always contacting her to find out what to do with their sick patients and some of them are able to come and train with her. She is an amazing lady! Anyway, she feels that based on his blood tests and his progress we are now ready to attack his classic lyme infection. (Borrelia burgdorferi, also known as Bb).

We are excited about this new development and appreciate all your cards and prayers. When the drudgery of daily IV treatments loom over our heads we are thankful that we are sustained by a loving God who knows exactly where we are and what we need. I will add more info to Scott's Caring Bridge site in case you want more intimate details. I am including a photo of Scott so you can imagine how he spends his days. Please continue to pray for this amazing man. He works so hard at being a considerate husband and father and I am so thankful that God has extended his stay on this earth.

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