Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lyme Disease Awareness Apparel

Take a look at our CafePress store full of Lyme Disease Awareness apparel. Click on each design to be taken to the CafePress page so you can look at all the options. All proceeds go towards the cost of Scott's medical care. It costs about $1000 a DAY to treat Scott's Lyme Disease and we are always looking for ways to pay for his treatment. Thank you for your help!
Click HERE to be taken to the CafePress store to see all of the t-shirt designs.



  1. I love your shirts and stuff. I also have Lyme. Come to my blog. I am going to promote your store from Cafe Press on May 1st (the first day of Lyme Disease Month).

  2. Actually have started my Lyme Awareness post now and will post through out the month of April & May.


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