Sunday, October 23, 2011

Looking back at where we have been...

I  took a look at our caring bridge site tonight and saw my last note. It was dated early 2009 and I noted that in 8/08 we had killed Babesia and as of 1/09 we were officially starting treatment for my husband's classic Lyme infection. It seems like forever since we were in treatment. Scott was in IV therapy from Oct. 2007-March 2010. By the beginning of 2010 we were hitting Bartonella hard and his numbers went down. Once his line fell out of his chest in March he was given a break from IV's. Here we are 1.5 years later and his blood work shows that his Bartonella numbers have doubled again. It is defeating to know we worked so hard at something and were so close to now be back where we started. When it comes to Lyme Disease, I firmly believe it can not be eradicated and that makes me very sad.

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