Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lyme Light Podcast

The third episode of the Lyme Light Podcast is now available for download from itunes, zune, yahoo and google. You can listen to it from the website at or subscribe to it to listen on your ipod.

In this, the third episode of Lyme Light, I have a wonderful conversation with my good friend and fellow Lymie, Dr. Bill. This is my first interview with a non-family member. Dr. Bill lives a whole state away so we did the interview over the phone. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do this on no budget. So please bear with me on the sound quality. Dr. Bill has a lot of great things to say and offers a unique perspective on life with Lyme disease because of his medical background. I spent months sitting next to Dr. Bill while he was treatment with me and I hope you will discover what I did; that he is a wise, insightful and endlessly optimistic man.

After you enjoy this podcast, please don’t forget to leave me your comments and critiques at Also, if you use iTunes, please don’t forget to give Lyme Light a rating in iTunes. It will go a long way towards securing more listeners.

Thank you and enjoy!

P.S. The audio is a little rough on the latest episode as we are experimenting with cell phones, recording and out of state interviews. We really appreciate Dr. Bill's perspective on living with Lyme Disease.

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