Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lyme Disease Tremors

Scott had a really bad day last month and I wanted to document some of his symptoms but have not been successful in transferring the video from our nice camera. This video was taken from my cell phone...sorry it is so blurry. I just wanted you to see some of what Scott has to deal with because of Lyme Disease. This is what happens when all of his cells are misfiring. He was just trying to hold a pen but his hand kept shaking and jumping. He had problems eating lunch because he could not get the food into his mouth...his hand kept jumping and shaking. Please continue to pray for his health. Please educate those around you on what Lyme Disease is, Where you can get it and What needs to be done about it. More on this later....


  1. you are certainly in my prayers today. hope-strength- power to overcome. all belong to the greatest physician.

  2. Has he experimented with vitamin D or and calcium/magnesium?


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